5 Family Friendly Easter Crafts & Games

Easter Crafts

Easter crafts and games are a great way to do something fun with your family for the holiday. You can always do classics with your child like egg dyeing or egg hunting, but if you are looking to add new special activities to your plans, check out these easy Easter crafts and games:

1. Easter Bunny Hat

Easter Crafts Bunny Hats

These cute Easter bunny hats are sure to make your child smile bright. Have your child add their names, glitter or color to them for their own personal touch. Watch as your little bunny comes alive!

Download printable with instructions here: 

Download “Easter Crafts Bunny Hats” Easter-Crafts-Bunny-Hats.pdf – Downloaded 521 times – 7 MB

2. Easter Bingo

Easter Crafts Bingo

Ready to try bingo with a twist? This Easter Bingo game has a calling card and six unique bingo cards filled with all things Easter. Your child will be excited to search for and find all the adorable little pictures and words. Use your favorite edible mini Easter treats to make it even more fun!

Download printable with instructions here: 

Download “Easter Crafts Bingo” Easter-Crafts-Bingo.pdf – Downloaded 431 times – 3 MB

3. Easter Bunny Cake

Easter Crafts Bunny Cake

Kids really get a kick out of character foods.  Create a delightful treat with your child with this quick and easy bunny cake decoration. Either bake or buy a cake and add that extra crafty touch.

Download printable with instructions here: 

Download “Easter-Crafts-Bunny-Cake-v2.pdf” Easter-Crafts-Bunny-Cake-v2-1.pdf – Downloaded 437 times – 6 MB

4. Easter Egg Coloring Page

Easter Crafts Coloring Page

There is more than one way to color an egg. Print this coloring page out and let your child make their most fanciful Easter egg ever!

Download printable here: 

Download “Easter Crafts Coloring Page” Easter-Crafts-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 363 times – 825 KB

5. Easter Banner

Easter Crafts Banner

Banners have a unique way of making any event more festive. Put up these colorful Easter banners to add some pizzazz.

Download printable with instructions here: 

Download “Easter Crafts Banner” Easter-Crafts-Banner.pdf – Downloaded 439 times – 4 MB

We hope you enjoy these 5 family friendly Easter crafts and games. Download and print the activities and have a creative Easter family holiday this year.